The Johnson

The Johnson is designed for a blade length of 6-8 inches with a maximum blade width of 2.25 inches. It has the ability to be worn high on a belt, drop leg, or utilizing the built in Molle attachment. The standard comes with a full length pouch with a single SRB (side release buckle) D-flap. It also has a retention strap built onto the belt loops secured by a mil-spec Dot fastener. As with all our current sheaths The Johnson utilizes our own “Wrap-able” system. The kydex insert fits loosely inside the nylon shell (but securely) in order to facilitate wrapping the insert with items desired for use in a survival or routine scenario (550 cord, fishing line, snare wire, duct tape, etc.). As with our other sheaths the Johnson has a drainage grommet at the bottom and a loop for a leg strap (not provided). It is available with a 3/16″, 1/4″ or 1/5″ insert. Other inserts can be supplied at the buyers request.

All materials are mil-spec and made in the USA.

Please see the “Ordering” page for availability.

Price: $90.00 USD


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