The Hulah (hoo-la) is a sheath designed especially for the T.M Hunt Knives M-18. This knife deserves a companion sheath worthy of it’s design, so we built one. In keeping with our standards we merely made everything bigger. The insert is a beefy .093 to provide plenty of internal stability for this massive blade. And of course it utilizes our “Wrap-able” system. The kydex insert fits loosely (but securely) inside the nylon shell in order to facilitate wrapping the insert with items desired for use in a survival or routine scenario (550 cord,fishing line, snare wire, duct tape, etc.). The two “D-flap” pockets are big. Capable of holding two Altoid sized tins each (for reference) the pockets can swallow a lot of goodies you will want to carry. No it’s not a departure from our normal naming system in case you were wondering. But for now we will leave that to your imagination. The Hulah comes with a removable retention device like our other big sheaths. The only insert currently available is the 1/4″ which fits the production M-18.

I’ll have pictures soon with an M-18 proudly inside!

All materials are mil-spec and made in the USA.

Please see the “Ordering” page for availability.

Price: $125.00 USD