Lake Superior Footlong Multicam

The Footlong

This is the one that started it all. My first Big Knife was a Busse Battle Mistress that I traded Jerry a Glock 20 for about a hundred years ago while I was working for Mr. Glock. He handed it to me in a cardboard sleeve. I was so excited that I didn’t realize I had no way to carry it until later. Years pass…

The Footlong interior Kydex sheath measures OAL 11 3/4″. This length fits anything up to about 11″ due to the retention grommet in the end that attaches to the exterior nylon sheath. Blade width of 2 1/8″ is easily held in the 2 1/4″ sleeve. The Kydex is simple and fits the knife based upon the thickness of the blade and not the design, giving us greater flexibility with various makers. Currently we provide either a 1/4″ or 3/16″ Kydex liner as standard. Contact us directly for blades of other thicknesses. If your blade needs a bit more length then look at The Footlong’s big brother The J. Holmes.

The Footlong comes standard with the Double SRB (side release buckle) pouches with D-flaps. Double D’s to be exact! Under each flap is mil-spec woven elastic to hold firetools, sharpeners, pens, batteries, etc. For reference each pouch is slightly over-sized to fit an Altoid tin. The interior Kydex sheath is flat on two sides and provides a great place to wrap duct tape, fishing line, paracord, etc. The sheath without anything wrapped on it fits loosely inside the nylon outer sheath by design. This is what we refer to as “Wrappable”. Most knives fit snugly with just the Kydex retention, however a removable mil-spec Dot Fastener retention strap is provided for those moving fast or hanging upside down.

The back of the nylon outer provides both a 6″ Molle dual strap/snap system built in, as well as dual belt loops that will accommodate up to a 3″ belt. A drainage grommet is located at the base of the sheath, and a loop for a leg strap (not provided) should you require a bit more security.

All materials are mil-spec and made in the USA.

Please see the “Ordering” page for availability

Price: $95.00 USD



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