What’s in a name?

We named the first sheath “Footlong” because for obvious reasons it’s about 12″ in length. But then we got a little crazy. What’s longer than a Footlong? Well the only thing we could think of was John Holmes (which is funny!). The shorter 6-8″ is “The Johnson”. And the recently released “Hulah”… well let’s just leave it to your imagination. We hope all this is taken in the spirit in which we dreamed it up. 


It’s our proprietary knife sheath inserts. We designed the kydex insert to fit loosely within the sewn sheath to accommodate various items to be wrapped. It’s additional storage for: paracord, fishing line, snare wires, duct tape, etc. Items you probably won’t use on a daily basis (although it’s easy enough to access that you could) but they are there when you need them. So if you get your sheath and the insert wobbles inside – that’s by design!


We do knife sheath fitting a little differently than some. We noticed most of the knives out there which we make sheaths for are a fairly standard width and length. The retention in our inserts is predicated upon the thickness of the blade. When we first started there was pretty much two (1/4″ & 3/16”), however now there are several others. Please be certain to specify the insert thickness when ordering. If you don’t know please drop us a line. And if you wind up ordering the wrong one, no worries, just send us an email and we can correct it before it ships.