Lost Mountain Iron Works was born in 2008 after the department I was working in closed. I asked myself a question – “What do I love to do?” Surprising to many I had always sketched designs for outdoor related equipment, primarily bags, sheaths, and knife designs. My Grandmother taught me to sew. I learned to tinker from my grandfather. And I have loved the outdoors as long as I can remember. The second question was much harder – “How do I bring my designs to market, and can I make money doing it?” I was in for a steep learning curve, but it would eventually happen. At Blade Show 2009 I approached Mike Perrin and Jeff Randall from ESEE Knives (Then “RAT Knives”) and showed them my design for a survival pouch I called “The Works”. This pack was later known as the “The Rat Pack”. As they developed the Junglas Knife I was asked to help with the prototyping of the Molle back for their Kydex sheath. I decided then that an alternative to the traditional kydex sheath was needed and developed the “Footlong”. The double front pouch design combined with what we call the “Wrappable” interior kydex liner became an instant hit with Big Knife people. Finally there was a quality USA made sheath, that had dual retention, Molle attachment, 1000 denier nylon construction, belt loops, dual survival pouches, and our own Wrappable interior. The demand soared and I could not have been more proud. Life has a funny way of changing directions right when you think things are going the way they should. In the spring of 2010 the decision to close down my beloved LMIW was made. Family issues made it necessary at the time. It was a very hard decision to make. Four years passed and now I’m ready to start the process all over. I realize that many people were disappointed in my decision, but I hope you can understand that it was for very personal reasons. As I start out on this adventure once more I look forward to talking to many of you out there. Taking in your concerns, questions, and advice. This company is about quality, USA made always, and providing that to all of you with the utmost in customer service. I’m glad to be back.

Charlie Morrison


11 thoughts on “LMIW

  1. OMG I can’t wait. I have a few blades that I would love to get in your sheaths. I found out about you after you had closed shop and have been wanting a time machine ever since. If you do a mailing list please add me to it. PS I hope one of your machete sheaths will fit my scrapyard 1311.

    • Well I’m thinking we’re gonna have a few sheaths for those blades. We will in fact have a mailing list to announce upcoming events and specials. Send me the dimensions on your 1311 and I’ll keep that in mind when I decide on which machete sheaths to offer.

    • Stranger things have happened, but at this point we have our hands full trying to get the big knives covered. I do have a batch of 25 slightly larger “Works” that we never brought to market that we might sell off at some point.


    • We’re hoping to be selling very soon. But not until I have product in hand. We’ll never take your money until we can ship what you want. Thanks.

  2. I hope to see a sheath that would fit a Busse HHFSH and other 8 inch blade knives. Welcome back I have several of your sheaths and they are by far the best I have seen.

    Mike V

    • Thank you for your very nice comment. I believe the Johnson will fit that knife just perfectly. We originally designed Johnson for the 8″ wide blade market. Same width as our longer sheaths. Glad to hear our sheaths are still used and liked.

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