Now Open For Business!

No more excuses. No more waiting on the stars to align. No time like the present. Behind the scenes a lot has been done to make this launch a reality. I always believed we would get here it just seemed at times unreachable. I hope you are as excited as we are to get product out in the hands of our customers – You! I appreciate all of the responses and inquiries over the past few months, and I apologize for the real lack of information. But the truth is, every time I thought things were about to happen another set back occurred. This time it’s different. This time the machines are running and our designs will start being available within the month. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc. etc. The first batch to come out of production will be “Footlongs” in Multicam. In the next few weeks the “Holmes” and the “Johnson” will follow. The design remains almost identical to the original, with a couple “customer suggested” improvements: The “Double D” pockets have been slightly enlarged to give better access and more storage capacity. The stress points are now bar-tacked for improved durability and strength. It’s all still made right here in the USA by American workers. Designed in the USA, using American made materials. We are proud of that fact and we hope you are as well. I look forward to filling everyone in on all the details as they become available. For now I don’t need your money until I have product in hand, but when they arrive it will be first come first served. Starting today please send us an email at if you would like to reserve a sheath. The Paypal link will be up once we have product to ship. I know you all thought we “Got Lost” but we are back stronger than ever. Thanks again for your support!

Charlie Morrison


2 thoughts on “Now Open For Business!

    • The site is up and running. The Footlongs are $95 which includes a kydex insert of your choice and a removable retention device with Chicago Screws. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

      Charlie Morrison

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